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poem- now May 24, 2014

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I remember

what I wanted to ask.

I wonder if…



the other.


I had meant to ask

about that, hadn’t I?

But in the excitement

all the good questions

fell out of my head

leaving a joyful

explosion of







This could mean anything, because of course it happens all the time, but specifically today, I had 3 questions wander through my brain that I’d meant to ask author Diana Gabaldon in the 90 minutes we were driving from the airport in Kelowna to Salmon Arm for Word on the Lake Writers’ Festival. Yesterday another one floated through.  I suspect many more will show up in the weeks to come.  Oh well.  We’ll just have to have her back!  🙂


13 Responses to “poem- now”

  1. narble Says:

    Ah, those pesky frontal lobes. But if it’s a good question, it will come back.

    • It’s not about the question, but rather the opportunity to ask it face to face and hear a genuine answer- unfiltered by concern over Twitter or Facebook optics. 🙂

  2. Omg this is like my mind every day. Lol. Loved the poem Shawn. And the word layout as well

  3. omavi Says:

    I do this every day. Great!!!!!

  4. Merryn Says:

    The way the lines of the poem were placed in a pictorial shape caught my eye- clever! It is frustrating when we forget to ask questions while we have the chance and I can relate to what happens as a result- usually those thoughts whirl around my head at 3am in the morning! 🙂 Great poem!

  5. Great poem! Describes the lost bits and pieces of memory perfectly. I’m constantly forgetting things and losing my train of thought. Actually some days the Thought Train has totally derailed!! Sometimes my life is one giant Senior Moment and………… Now what was I going to say?

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