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cannibal art May 15, 2014

cannibal art.

I’ll be referencing this in one of my introductions of Diana Gabaldon this weekend.  Workshop? Key note? Banquet? Come to Word on the Lake Writers’ Festival in the Shuswap this weekend and find out which!



8 Responses to “cannibal art”

  1. Eli Pacheco Says:

    Wish I could! Sounds fascinating. Will you give an update after?

  2. Vee dC Says:

    I WISH I could be there! Will you blog about this weekend?

  3. Vee dC Says:

    Ermm…sorry, I only Eli’s comment after I hit “post.” Woops.

  4. Rob McShane Says:

    Would be great to join – sounds fun! Little far to travel! 🙂 Hope you have a great festival and any notes you can share will be appreciated! 🙂

  5. Ahhh like this, and so would I, shame we’re in England

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