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poem- Okanagan sunset January 5, 2014

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Inferno fills sky,

flames roil like crashing sea,

cremating the sun.



13 Responses to “poem- Okanagan sunset”

  1. RoSy Says:

    I would say so. 😉

  2. pi314chron Says:

    Actually, by my count (if “roil” is pronounced as two syllables) you’re spot-on with 17 syllables, but, as we both know, there is no requirement in English-language haiku for 17 syllables. In any case, a charming and descriptive haiku.


  3. I think too few actually, you could add a “the” before crashing and it would be a haiku!

  4. MW Moore Says:

    An Anglicized haiku?

  5. alienorajt Says:

    Stunning imagery; love it! B***** the exact number of syllables, I say: one can become too pedantic about such things. Perfect just as it is!!

  6. words4jp Says:

    A lovely description of a sunset. I can see it in my mind. (I am not certain if you posted a photo. I am accessing your site from my phone. I, however, do not need a photo when I read this piece;)

    • I did not have a camera, so I took the picture with words. When I arrived home, many of my FB friends had posted phone photos of it, but none was as stunning as what I saw. I hope the words convey it.

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