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poem- happy news December 3, 2013

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Clear out the inbox

An innocuous line

looks like the others

but wait! What’s that name?

The heart starts pounding

air around feels quite thin

A note from an agent

makes me stifle a grin

Is it good news or bad?

I click closing my eyes

Open one cautiously

and to my surprise

She writes that she loves it!

A contract’s attached

I shout to the rafters

New beginnings are hatched!


TRUE STORY!  Happened today! About an hour ago, in fact.  Now to read through the fine print of the attached literary contract.  Large prestigious  agency though, and an agent I was very impressed by when I watched her at a conference.

Wait. Time to celebrate with some new Fluevogs? 🙂  The fun and frolicsome  Kitschy kitschy Boom Boom Vivs might be appropriate for this kind of a celebration…


31 Responses to “poem- happy news”

  1. jamborobyn Says:

    Congratulations and well-deserved.

  2. That’s amazing, Congrats.

  3. Andy Szpuk Says:

    Congratulations Shawn!

  4. Kim13 Says:

    Congrats! Awesome, awesome, awesome. Hugs 🙂

  5. yazarea Says:

    Happy New Beginning 🙂

  6. zdunno03 Says:

    Congratulations on this a new beginning for you.

  7. A fun poem and the excitement and joy shines through, a post that really made me smile. Thanks for sharing this happy news, and so many congratulations to you – enjoy! H xxx

  8. Congratulations! I really enjoyed reading your announcement!! Well done 🙂

  9. Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

  10. P Moorman Says:

    Congratulations from an avid follower in Colorado, USA!

  11. sue marquis bishop Says:

    Congrats! Sue

  12. Happy news indeed! Congratulations!

  13. Wow. What a blessing. Good for you!

  14. Catherine Johnson Says:

    Fantastic news! Congratulations!

  15. Congrats!! Well done and good luck with it all!!! Perhaps you may share some tips on how you went about it… besides your being VERY talented…we know this!! 🙂 Enjoy your day and success!!!

    • Aside from writing all the time, my secret is not so secret: I attend writing conferences to meet agents/publishers and to pitch my project to them if I have something to sell. I think meeting them, showing myself as friendly, professional, and knowledgeable helps. Every project I’ve ever pitched has been requested. Those I’ve sent following such requests have been accepted. (I have sometimes decided I didn’t want to work with someone, or decided I wasn’t quite ready to submit a project and held it back.

      • Wow, thank you!! And congratulations once again!!!!!!:)

      • I should also add that I research before I pitch. I only pitch to people who are looking for what I am selling. That is probably the main reason I have a good success rate: I read bios and submission guidelines carefully.

      • I this is good to know! Thanks!! Maybe you could give me a bit of advise…if one has not heard back about a submission within the time specified, should one wait to hear or contact the editor? It has been 5 months. I have submitted before and received rejections within three months. This is in regard to a poetry submission to a very well regarded magazine. I am a “newbie”! Thanks!!

      • I have been told ‘never contact the editor’ and the agents/publishers talk about the HUGE piles that they get. I once waited 3 months to hear from an agency, and then got my original envelope, unopened, with the note that they had too many submissions to consider any. Poetry journals, might be snowed under. How would they find your submission in the thousands on the shelves to see? If you haven’t heard within the deadline that they have posted, then send it somewhere else. If they eventually accept it, you can send a message to the 2nd publication that it has been accepted elsewhere. I have not submitted to a poetry publication since I was 10, so I’m not an expert! (and that was my first rejection letter…) 😉

      • Yes, good idea! Thanks so, so much for taking time to reply and give great advise!!!!! Good luck with your new venture or shall I say adventure!!😊

  16. Miranda Stone Says:


  17. thesewordsiwrite2012 Says:


  18. RoSy Says:

    Wonderful – Congrats!

  19. edgarone2 Says:

    Congratulations Shawn.

  20. wbdeejay Says:

    ooh exciting news, congratulations. Great way to celebrate it in poetic form!

  21. toad (chris jensen) Says:

    i’m happy for you, great to know the world does turn in the right place at times.

  22. Doing Happy Feet Dance!

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