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poem- writers December 2, 2013

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Writers live life, twice, trice;

their words are worth most any price;

they wish, they dream, they dice & slice;

they craft their words, they stretch & splice;

Writers fly to many heights;

they make you see amazing sights.

Writers live most when they write.


33 Responses to “poem- writers”

  1. wbdeejay Says:

    Oh this is brilliant and so true indeed. At first I read trice as thrice. Then I looked up and saw that they are different words with different meanings but both applicable.

  2. elmcal Says:

    ‘Tis true indeed,
    what you there speak
    as we perform examinations
    studying life and its ramifications.
    When inspiration strikes
    nothing compares to the sight
    as we craft our message with delight
    to change readers’ views outright.

  3. Chess Says:

    Truth put most beautifully.

  4. Chess Says:

    Truth wrapped in such beautiful wordage.

  5. Catherine Johnson Says:

    Brilliant! Great last line, so true.

  6. I liked this a lot… bounced off of you. Thank you. 🙂

    Writers live one, two, or countless lives,
    To create Worlds with words,
    There is no price.
    With every line, a roll of the dice,
    To soar close to the sun, or safely at night,
    These wax laden Wings so often weary of flight.

    But when the fire burns bright,
    And creation weaves dreams from our strife,
    These moments the Writers do live for seem right,
    Consumed in the Worlds created by mind’s sight,
    Oh, yes….
    There is no other feeling…
    Like when a writer writes.

    • Thanks for sharing your variation on the theme!

      • Pleasure. I’m new to blogging and I dont really know the rules or if people are cool with stuff like that. But I read it and liked it and it made me want to write a little so thank YOU. 🙂

      • Some blogs, particularly those that are all about marketing their product, don’t like that kind of interaction, but on MY blog, I view sharing as collaborative and inclusive. While I have books out, my blog isn’t about selling, it’s about relationships and encouragement.

        In short, I like to see what others are inspired to do by what they read here- whether it’s another poem, a novel, or a craft project!

      • I think that awesome and that’s about how I figured things were. I see things much the same way. I like collab work as well and am looking forward to using this as much as possible to keep me on track. The mind does tend to wander. 🙂

  7. Excellent rhyming Shawn 🙂

  8. menomama3 Says:

    Why are rhymes so satisfying? Like this one a lot because…it rhymes!

  9. Very fun poem, very true.


  11. petescribes Says:

    They are only words but they are priceless 🙂

  12. blkbuttaflie Says:

    I just put in my blog about “Inspiration” and I am inspired, thanks

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