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poem- leaping October 22, 2013

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Little symbols of death


passing of time

gold and scarlet


of summer

raked into a pyre

that grows

and grows.

But the voice of death calls

to the child in all

to live with leaping joy

and laughter

mocking loss.

Rolling in the death of summer

welcoming what comes



14 Responses to “poem- leaping”

  1. Bastet Says:

    Great image! Rolling in the death of summer…nice metaphor!

  2. emberyn Says:

    “Rolling in the death of summer” I love this!

  3. Melody J Haislip Says:

    I like it all, but especially this phrase: “gold and scarlet carcasses of summer”. Really fresh look at a familiar subject.

  4. xoxosanaz90210 Says:

    Good images, loved them and the chant “grows grows” especially. I just found “the child in all” very general. It took me a while to get all means all people, everyone really. But that’s just me.

  5. Ooooo, I really like this one!

  6. jamborobyn Says:

    I think I like this one most of all. Perhaps because I am still waiting to become an adult and given the way things are going I may have to wait several lifetimes 😉

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