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6 word poem in summary of my life October 1, 2013

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I was lying in the bath, trying to think of a sentence that summarizes my life at the moment and I came up with

“I am home”

This summarizes my essential contentment with everything in my life: my new continuing contract at a school I love, opportunity to write and receive feedback from wonderful readers, and my brilliant husband of many, many years and the time we have together.

That just seemed too simple, so I thought of 6 word poems, and decided I needed 3 more words, and ended up with,

“Wherever I am, I am home”

Now I feel like a philosopher. 🙂

I first discovered this concept when I was an exchange student in Finland, and I realised that even though I was known as ‘The Canadian Evangelist” (because as the lone Canadian in my district, lost in a sea of Americans, I was obliged to be loud and proud about national superiority) I knew that I could quite happily have stayed in Finland.  I have experienced this sensation many times since.  If you’re content in your skin,  and you’re connected to those around you, it doesn’t matter where you are physically.  You can live in a tent and be well satisfied.

Explaining it completely defeats the purpose of it being only 6 words, doesn’t it? lol

How about you?  What’s your 6 word poem? (with or without long-winded explanation!) 😉


50 Responses to “6 word poem in summary of my life”

  1. solbluesol Says:

    Learning to Listen ~
    With ~
    My Heart

  2. Sounds like a grand place to be:)

  3. Ar Vhee Says:

    I am
    A work
    In progress

  4. hughiegibson Says:

    Dreams of soaring
    Us grounded

  5. emberyn Says:

    I came up with several (I love six word poetry). But they all seemed too bleak to hang from such a positive post.

    This post is beautiful, thank you.

  6. Excellent post! Mine would be: Stories inside, fighting to get out.

  7. Always Striving, Never Resting: Fixing That!

  8. Suzi Says:

    Standing on a branch ready to fly

  9. Mine would be “I write because I have to.” Love this post!

  10. Mine would be “I write because I have to.” Or another would be “My heart takes flight, with life!”

  11. laurenes1999 Says:

    ‘Wherever I am, she is too’
    It relates to my last post which I’d love for you all to read. Basically it’s saying I’m always looking for something I already have but will never see.

  12. alexraphael Says:

    Great idea Shawn 🙂

  13. alexraphael Says:

    Great idea Shawn. Love your 6 words too. It says so much 🙂

  14. Pia Says:

    I recently watched a TED talk, the speaker said that home is not only where we sleep but also where we stand. Your words are radiant, Shawn. Please continue lighting the world with them. Best, Pia

  15. Love it. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  16. “Peace is knowing who I am.”

  17. C.J. Black Says:

    Write poetry in six words, impossible.

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