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poem- parenthood September 26, 2013

On a non-stop eight hour drive,

we paused for fuel.

“What?” you asked

As you intercepted smirks

passed over your head,

when you climbed into the back seat

after the gas station bathroom break.

“Nothing,” we said, as we pulled

back onto the highway.

Even though your sister had been

traumatized when I left her

standing in the driveway as we tore off to the bus stop

that time,

while you waved at her from the back seat

and waited for me to notice,

this time

when your dad slammed the car door,

buckled up,

and drove away,

destination in his mind,

she was the one who said,

“Missing anyone?”

so when you climbed into the car,

you never even knew

you’d ever been left behind.


20 Responses to “poem- parenthood”

  1. timthepoet Says:

    I’m not a parent so unfortunately can’t relate to this.

    • lol. Your parents didn’t do it to you? My folks left my brother at a gas station when I was a baby. (He was 16) Knowing him, they might have done it intentionally. They were travelling with 3 teen agers, a baby, ‘baby stuff’ and a Great Dane in one station wagon. It wouldn’t have taken long to lose whatever sanity they’d started with. 😉

  2. timthepoet Says:

    We decided before we were married not to have children. Sometimes I feel I can barely cope now and that’s without kids.

  3. timthepoet Says:

    Your doing really well on this blog. You have over 3000 followers, amazing.

    • I’m intrigued that you only see 3000+. When I look at the widget it says I have 4848 followers at the moment. Interesting!

      • timthepoet Says:

        3067 to be exact. If you go to the middle left of the screen and in the reader look at blogs-follow-edit, then click your name that number comes up. I don’t know what the discrepancy is. But both numbers can’t be right. I have less than 70 followers but then again I’ve only being going a month or so.

      • Ah- As of right now, I have 3071 followers just from WordPress. Maybe those are the numbers you see. I see those plus the other formats where folks can follow. If you’re on my blog, on the right at the top widget column what number do you see?

        70 is good for your first month! I’ve been at it three and a half years.

      • timthepoet Says:

        4885 is the number for your e-mail subscription.

      • It’s only email if you’re not WordPress. I think it offers different ways to subscribe depending where you’ve come to the page. WordPress people get it in their readers, some get updated on Twitter, others on Facebook or Tumblr. Lots of people, at any rate! 😎 which is mind boggling at times.

  4. words4jp Says:

    Cute. I can honestly say this did not happen. Not with my boys but certainly with things. There was one time when Jordan was little and we had to leave the house. It was cold outside – finally fall and he refused to wear pants. I ended up pulling the car out of the driveway, him standing in nothing but his underwear crying – on the driveway. Then he ran inside put real clothes on and we left for preschool.

  5. What goes around comes around! But now that they both have been forgotten and stranded neither can hold it over the other that Mom and Dad love them more….. I’m a parent…. and a kid too. Never forgot one of my kids as a parent… But within my own brood of seven siblings I’ve been forgotten more than once…. Sometimes they still forget me!

    • lol. I can’t imagine keeping track of 7. You’d need a numbering system or something. Losing one when there are only two is a little embarrassing. 😉 But the good sister looked after her brother much better than he looked after her! I still don’t believe he knows he was left, since we’d turned back and were waiting at the door when he came out…

  6. So great! What a story. Love it!

  7. Brilliant! This never happened to me, but they have both driven over my foot on separate occasions…

  8. ncbek Says:

    I love this!

    A great story, and a true image of the quirks that parenting has to offer.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Also I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Forever is as far as tomorrow will take you

  9. doublecuppedmusic Says:

    Reblogged this on TheRefugia.

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