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poem- confessions of an addict September 18, 2013

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Someone said,

“Books are a hard-bound drug

with no danger of over-dose.”


I am an addict.

I have clutched my paper-bound

or hard-bound drug until

my hands are frozen claws,

I have lost hours of my life

in the blink of an eye,

I opened the cover for

just a few pages before bed,

and blinked up at the dawn light

as the birds mocked outside my window.

I turn pages until my eyes

can not focus,

my lids rasp close,

my arms tremble,

my fingers numb,

my neck kinked,

but still I read on, until

my eyes


I stagger in a stupor

to my bed.

When I am lost to consciousness,

my dreams are vivid,

I wake with an aching head,

the morning after.

I am a book addict.

I know over-dosing

is a danger,


the paper smells so good,

the rustle of the pages

is music,

the story is magic,

and I am helpless in

its thrall.

That’s all.

My name is Shawn,

and I am addicted to books.



61 Responses to “poem- confessions of an addict”

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    An amazing poem describing a book lover perfectly!

  2. Shainbird Says:

    The best addiction!

  3. timthepoet Says:

    Love this. I’m going to copy and paste it and send it to my wife who shares a similar affliction.

  4. davidprosser Says:

    Fantastic poem Shawn. I confess I’m an addict too, oh what a relief to be able to say so at last. lol. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. Shawn, I love this so much. I have so many books that they’re piled around the bookshelf because it cannot hold anymore. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. carolinemagocpoetry Says:

    I love this! Your enjambment is great, and I completely relate to your premise. (I’m an addict too.) C;

  7. So funny, know exactly what you mean (I’m a hopeless bookaholic myself)!

  8. Nomad Shane Says:

    I really enjoyed this, Shawn. I particularly liked the language in these lines: “I opened the cover for / just a few pages before bed, / and blinked up at the dawn light / as the birds mocked outside my window.” I’m not very sure why that little quatrain caught me like it did. Maybe it’s because the best way to experience the morning is by realizing you’ve stumbled into it by accidentally staying awake all night.

    Thanks for sharing the poem! May we all develop such healthy addictions to go with our other not as healthy ones.


  9. No danger of overdose — ha! Books have nearly killed me on more than one occasion but still I cannot stop reading and the thought of living without them is unbearable. I’m addicted, all right, and they will be the death of me yet.

  10. What’s really bad is when you go into a book store telling yourself you are only going to buy one book and you come out with three. I love this poem! I am addicted to books too.

    • I spent a lot of money at Powell’s City of Books when we visited Portland. I was looking for a ‘couple of books on social media’. I came away with 2 cloth bags full: novels, poetry, social media, and pair of Sock It To Me socks, as well. 😉

  11. mcwatty9 Says:

    I need more friends like you. I wrote a book and cannot find anyone to read it, because NONE of them read!!

  12. sheryl kay oder Says:

    Is it OK if I share this one on FaceBook?

  13. Reblogged this on Finding myself and commented:
    True definition of a book addict#I love it

  14. xoxosanaz90210 Says:

    The exact same feeling right here!! So many times I have slept with the book I read.

  15. Emma Dumitra Says:

    Fantastic! Story of my life and so gorgeously written. I’m a fan!;)

  16. That was awesome! Wish I were more of a reader- your poem helps in that desire! Emailed it to my sister who will relate to every word I am sure. Thanks for the follow- look forward to exploring your blog.

  17. During college I amassed a collection of books that would rival the New York Public Library. English Major. When I moved I had to put most into storage but it was like losing my children. Last year a friend bought me a Kindle and since then on rare 3 day weekends and vacations or any free time I develop a severe case of Kindle-itis!!

  18. Steph Says:

    Take me with you to your next meeting, please! Addicted!

  19. syl65 Says:

    This is great writing, an awesome poem!

  20. ritakowats Says:

    What fun this is! As a former teacher myself, I see the faces of a few teenage book addicts trying to hide their habit from me as I enlighten them with ever such important facts! I say thank God for their addiction!

  21. cepcarol Says:

    I enjoyed this. This is one addiction I won’t give up.

  22. uniq3 Says:

    Story of my life and ONE of the best poems I have read on wordpress. You’re absolutely amazing 🙂

  23. toladimeji Says:

    Reblogged this on OWUROTIDE! and commented:
    True confessions here, y’all. It seems I have a fashionable/popular/blog-able addiction. Still, I want a cure. #TeamBookOverSleep…

  24. toladimeji Says:

    How true. Reblogged this @

  25. i love this! Sooooooo true!!!

  26. I too am an avid book reader so I know just what you mean. Several times, like you, I have picked up a book and have completed it in one sitting…

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