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crows June 24, 2013

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Flying oilslick

on thrumming wings

collapses on my pine tree

and stares at me

daring me.

My protectors

bark their disapproval

and it languidly lifts off

trailing them behind.

Until they reach the fence,

then, tails

immensely satisfied,

lope back to me,

for their reward.

Black garbed intimidators

with steely eyes

do not impress

the wolf clan.

This is a comfort.


18 Responses to “crows”

  1. What a great descriptive work Shawn. Crows as flying oilslicks, brilliant. I’m glad your wolves protect you. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Yes, my curly coated ‘wolves’ are very protective where crows are concerned. They hate them with a rare passion generally reserved for cats! 😉

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  3. I’ve always veered to the quantum-abstract of metaphysics and my descriptions of realistic environments have suffered as a result; but it is my style. This makes me re-think such thinking. Very clever use of words to convey the extraordinary in the ordinary.
    Flying oilslicks, funny.
    What kinds of dogs these I’m left to wonder…

  4. fyarlgiles Says:

    “thrummings”! Excellent word!

  5. quarksire Says:

    Black garbed intimidators

    with steely eyes

    do not impress

    the wolf clan.

    This is a comfort……………very funny! to mikey here an in anther way sad cuz the crow was really trying to impress upon the princess the truth of it all!…nmaste’ 2 u frum Q

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