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Poem: You’re Dead (pt. 2) May 5, 2013

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You’re dead.

My head

a   kharmic  muddle

I mull upon


your despair,

a pall

wrapped ’round


You’re dead.

(Still trying to wrap my head around the murder/suicide last week of a kid I knew and worried about).

14 Responses to “Poem: You’re Dead (pt. 2)”

  1. Rich Devlin Says:

    The Irish poet, John O’Donahue, wrote a poem for friends and family of a suicide that can be found in his book “Bless the Space Between Us”. You may find some solace in his beautiful words. It is so hard to put one’s head around such pain. Having with someone who suffered from severe depression I feel for both you and the young man. So tragic. At least he is at peace now. It is the people who are left behind who must live with the legacy of wondering how it could have been averted. Blessings to you.

  2. pearlz Says:

    That is so sad, we had some suicides in this rural area too, and it is something to try and fathom – how can we stop this happening. Beyond Blue in Australia does a lot work in this field.

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      It’s so sad when people feel death (someone else’s and their own) is the solution to anything. Especially intelligent people, who had a world of awesome potential ahead of them.

      • pearlz Says:

        What does research tell us, what do families tell us, they have been having some massive forums on this in Australia.

      • Shawn Bird Says:

        What I know from Restitution training: All behaviour is purposeful. There is a perceived benefit from the action, or it is not done. I hope they will reveal what is learned from the forensics of this particular case, because it’s awful to think this kid with so much potential slipped through the cracks, and no one recognized he was this desperate, just because he dressed well and was courteous to those in authority.

      • pearlz Says:

        the inner life can be a mystery and conceal lots of complications.

      • Shawn Bird Says:

        Indeed. “Still waters run deep” as they say.

  3. carolinecarryson Says:

    Turmoil is what’s left behind isn’t it

  4. jannatwrites Says:

    Beautiful, heart-felt poem. It’s a tragedy when a young life is lost unnecessarily. I hope writing of it will help you cope with what happened.

  5. Geo Sans Says:



    are never understandable


    I’m sorry

    to hear of these deaths


    I hope your feelings

    find some peace

    over this senseless tragedy

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