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next part: stars April 27, 2013

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A prompt from  The first line is provided and the next line must include ‘part’ in some form.


The hours erased the stars and day peeled apart from night

I sang the moon, and partial to your heart

You danced us dawn, partners tripping through the light.


9 Responses to “next part: stars”

  1. Parted by spaces, traces left of the start

  2. Dark days erased our love, heaven participating in the sad demise

  3. Julie Israel Says:

    Splendid! Love the attention to sound!

  4. Hi Shawn could you send me the link where I could buy you actual book… I like the synopsis. Also nice post

    Ann iPhone 5

  5. […] hoo! Great work Joel and Jennifer, and well done also to Lex of Inkiebird and Shawn Bird of her self-titled blog for writing their own poems from the prompt. Thanks for playing– hope […]

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