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Will’s birthday triolet April 23, 2013

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Oh Will! Today it’s your birthday

(And sadly, also when you died).

Tradition says so anyway.

Oh Will! Today it’s your birthday,

and when my students sang, they sighed.

They hate to study poems and plays

Dear Will! Today it’s your birthday.

(And sadly, also when you died).


A triolet.  Set rhyme scheme, with repeating lines, in iambic tetrameter. Happy Birthday William Shakespeare  April 23, 1564 to April 23, 1616. 


9 Responses to “Will’s birthday triolet”

  1. dulzimordash Says:

    Reblogged this on Nature’s Abhorred Vacuum.

  2. barbmca Says:

    Nicely done

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Thanks. I realised just before midnight that despite all the celebrations at school, I had not done anything on the blog to commemorate the day, so it was a quickie. lol

  3. Catherine Johnson Says:


  4. Gaseimasha Says:

    Come on, Shawn. I know you can do better than this. I’ve seen you do better than this.

  5. pi314chron Says:

    Very clever. The juxtaposition of young students studying the works of one who has been dead for nearly 400 years was well conceived. Nice!


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