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bullies in every day life… March 2, 2013

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In the wake of pink shirt day, I have been noticing every day behaviours that people seem to find perfectly all right, without giving any thought to the ramifications of their actions.

They’ll wear their ‘Stand up to bullying’ pink shirts on the day, and then they’ll go home and send a “People of Walmart” slide show to three hundred of their closest friends on Facebook.

Or they’ll cheer for humiliating treatment of prisoners by an Arizona  warden and share that post around the internet.

Someone told me the other day that fat brides don’t deserve nice weddings.  Excuse me?

These people  don’t seem to see their own hypocrisy.

How about promoting good nutrition in our schools with healthy free school lunches and home ec programs?   How about social justice rather than incarceration?

How about helping people instead of mocking them?  How about respecting people instead of insulting them?  Who made you better than the everyone else?

Keep your pink shirt on.  We’ve got a long way to go.


2 Responses to “bullies in every day life…”

  1. It’s a shame Shawn, but I bet some of those who wore the pink anti-bullying shirt are bullies but they don’t know it like many of those we call hypocrites won’t understand why. We have TV shows (over here at least) that glorify taking the rise out of chairs that collapse under fat people or clothes that split. People are encouraged to send in videos of things they thing funny that actually make me flinch.
    Health education is missing badly when the US can allow obesity to run out of control and the UK if not far behind. Schools here at least offer a healthy option meal but for it to work the meals nee to be free and we need to be sure kids go home to a healthy meal too by educating parents.
    Bullying needs to be tackled in schools and at work with constant reminders not just one lesson and hope for the best.
    You’re right, we have a long way to go.

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