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easy university December 5, 2012

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Is university too easy?  Is high school too easy, so kids aren’t prepared for the rigour of university?

Margaret Wente has an interesting piece in the Globe and Mail today.  She asserts that university is being dumbed down because kids have no work ethic or self-discipline.  Knowing that my English 12 class has a phenomenal average (although there are 23 girls to 6 boys, and that definitely has an impact), I know that most of my students work hard and are able to think critically.

I am always surprised that my grade 9 students don’t know some basic things like grammar, sentences, etc.  When I taught at a Middle Elementary school a couple years ago, I was intrigued to see that the kids are taught the skills repetitively from about grade 2.  I don’t know why the kids think it’s new every time, but I’m sure there is some brain theory at play.  Do people dump previous learning whenever they move from one institution to another?

My students know how to write sentences, craft paragraphs, and properly organize a research paper.  I hope they remember when they get to university!  In the last couple of years I’ve received notes from past students relaying compliments they received on their essays, “You must have had a good English teacher in high school.”  🙂  I hope they all have the same comments on their papers!

What do you think?  Is high school or university too easy these days?



One Response to “easy university”

  1. I’ve long maintained that grades are often the result of good teaching rather than a child’s skills. If a teacher can inspire a child then that child has the potential to go on and do well. If the teacher is average and looking constantly for the end of the work day the child won’t feel the same ethic to learn. I was lucky to have brilliant teachers for both English and history which instilled not just a love of the subject in school but also a lifelong interest-and boy has it been a long life.
    If your ex pupils are doing well at University ( or even with school exams and averages) then I think it says a lot for your teaching. Time to give yourself a huge pat on the back Mrs.Bird ( but not a cow-pat).xx Hugs

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