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Dance dance dance! September 19, 2012

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The high school where I teach English and Drama this year, is famous for its amazing dance program.  Here’s a Youtube video of the Pleasant Valley Secondary Adrenaline Dance Team in action:



The camera was really close in ^^^^ that version ^^^^ though the energy is particularly high because it’s a competition.  Here is a performance of the same number, with a wider perspective:



4 Responses to “Dance dance dance!”

  1. I think I could use a bit of that energy if there’s anything to spare. The choreography is excellent.

  2. Wow! I’m still amazed far reaching rap and hip-hop has become everywhere. Who knew music and dance styles (ie. breakdancing) that began with inner city kids in the Bronx and Queens back in the late 70s would cross and cultures and ethnic groups lasting over 30 years. Just watching the kids energizes me but not enough to join in. At my age break dancing would mean breaking every bone in my body!! LOL!!

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