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grey boots February 27, 2012

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As promised in the “Narrative of the Grey Boot Quest,” here are my awesome, amazing, brilliant, gorgeous, comfortable, and dazzling grey boots.  My Fluevog Logans are posing with OJ the standard poodle, who has boots, but they aren’t nearly as cool as these.  He’s so jealous he can’t even look at them.


When I put the boots on for the first time and saw this stamped inside, I knew they were fated to be a writer’s boots.  Well, fated to be THIS writer’s boots.  “Words said in faith change lives.”  How true that is.  Saying words in faith can change your own life, let alone how the words impact those hearing them.  These boots are empowering.  I feel like I can change the world when I lace them up. (and up.  and up.  and up.  These are not the footwear for days when you’re running late for work!).

It may be shallow to get so much delight out of footwear, and I know that this particular passion causes heads to shake, but it is truly a simple joy to wear art, and if you’re going to wear art, your feet are as good a location as any!  People find satisfaction in different ways.  I don’t understand people who drink or smoke away their money, with nothing to show for their hard earned efforts except cancerous growths or nasty odours.  Shoes are a very benign addiction in the greater scheme of things!  One can also luck out, and inherit.  My mother shares this addiction, and a shoe size.  I am still wearing some shoes that I wore in high school, several decades later, so I don’t feel very guilty.  I wear my artistic addictions with pride.  😀


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