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Warrior February 13, 2012

Filed under: Alpha-biography,Pondering — Shawn L. Bird @ 12:37 am


There are a lot of warriors who fight in all sorts of wars. Sure, there are the traditional kinds of warriors: soldiers battling with guns and tanks, or arrow, swords and shields. There are also those who battle injustice using words: reporters, essayists, comedians, Amnesty International. There are those who fight disease: research scientists, doctors, nurses, labratory technologists, among them. There are those who battle ignorance, like teachers, scientists, philosophers, professors, students. There are those who battle poverty, like Rotary and other philanthropic groups. There are those individuals who battle addictions, loneliness, or mental illness.

Wars are fought on many fronts, and those who fight are warriors and worthy of respect for their efforts to conquer the evil that they have been called upon to fight.


2 Responses to “Warrior”

  1. PapaBear Says:

    Totally agree, Shawn. There are those who fight important battles with other than guns or lethal weapons. Nice post.

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