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jabot completed December 4, 2011

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You may recall that I started with a 2X3 inch seed stitch base.  The last two entries have shown the bottom layer and edging.

Three more layers were added, spaced an inch apart, and the end.  I just eyeballed the length of the lace section in each case, making each about 1.5 inches shorter than the previous.  Although the lowest layer was made in a fan shape, the subsequent layers I doubled the stitches on the first two knit rows after picking up 14 stitches in the base, and just went straight down from there.

Once all four layers were knit and edged, I pulled out the fine yarn, and using a 3.25 mm needle, picked up 5 stitches and seed stitched a collar to the neck length.

Upon completion I made two loops at the end (stitch around twice, then blanket stitch the top loop).  Add a button on the base.

All done!


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