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falling through holes in history November 7, 2011

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Well, novelists are a conscienceless lot. Those of us who deal with history tend to be fairly respectful of such facts as are recorded (always bearing in mind the proviso that just because it’s in print, it isn’t necessarily true). But give us a hole to slide through, an omission in the historic record, one of those mysterious lacunae that occur in even the best documented life…

 (Diana Gabaldon in the Author’s Notes of An Echo in the Bone  p. 1103-4)

I have taken a break from working on Grace Beguiling in order to focus on Grace Awakening Myth, but when I read this remark in the notes, it made me laugh.  I have enjoyed hunting through historical records, and finding just enough holes to fall through.  Those hollows are the where the most interesting parts of the story breathe their own lives.  I am looking forward to getting back to the 14th century and exploring  beguilement.

I have to make it through the myth first, though.


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