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choosing a future June 23, 2011

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Stuff happens in life.

Sometimes the ramifications of some of our choices are not quite what we hoped.  New choices are needed.  Difficult choices.

So it is for the many teens who become parents.  Choosing to work through the challenges brings many options.  Some are easy.  Some are hard.  Usually the hardest ones are the the ones that bring the most reward.

We have to applaud those kids who take their responsibilities very seriously.  There are some very special  kids who take on parenthood.  They may not have intended to become parents so early, but they accept the job knowing that it is a life work that requires diligence,  sacrifice and difficult choices.  They adore their children and do what needs to be done to craft a future that will be good for both of them.  Balancing school and parenthood is not a road we would wish on any of our students, but those kids who do it well deserve some applause.  We are glad there are supports in the community to assist them to be the great parents and the strong students that they need to be.

So, congratulations (to my former student) Catherine on your graduation, and on the greater accomplishment of being such a great mom to Damien.  I am looking forward to watching you choosing your future, step by step.


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