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image April 12, 2011

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You know how the magazines chase celebrities and shoot pictures of them without their makeup or in slobby clothes so they can say, “Ooh, look how nasty s/he looks when s/he’s not working!  S/he’s falling apart!”  Most of us don’t look our best 24 hours a day.  We may have to run out for milk without our most presentable ensemble on.  At home, we aren’t always gorgeous.  We wear our sweats, go without our make-up, and don’t worry about projecting a stunning, glamorous image.  Image is a false picture of reality.  No one is perfect all the time.

Take OJ.  A few days ago I showed you a photo of him looking all glamorous in a Continental clip.  He knows he looks good.  He prances with all the poodle panache of a champion in the ring at Westminster.  He looks classy.  If we’re out for a walk, Japanese tourists ask to take photos with him.  Strangers stop on the street to comment on how amazing he looks.  People in parking lots stop us to tell us what a beautiful dog he is.  Yup.  A standard poodle in the flesh is impressive.  Very much like meeting a celebrity.

But at home, all that “classy poodle” image stuff goes out the window.  OJ is just a dog.  Well.  Not quite a dog, but you know what I mean.

yeah- he's just that sexy


One Response to “image”

  1. clovisdog Says:

    Napping is hard. I think he needs a treat. Yes. When he wakes up he should have a treat. But I should have a treat too…

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