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Night warmth December 3, 2010

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Beneath my pillow

Left hands woven together in the night
Rings touching
Cold feet pressed into warm shins
Arms encircling.
Breath moves through my hair,

a breathing blessing.

We’re facing the same direction
In sleep
In life
And in love.
Submitted as part of Thursday poets’ rally.  Week 34

Rally participants, please include a link to your own entry within your comment.  This makes it easier for both rally participants and the general public to discover your poetry.  Looking forward to reading!


23 Responses to “Night warmth”

  1. Jingle Says:

    We’re facing the same direction
    In sleep
    In life
    And in love….

    awesome conclusion in your work..
    fabulous writing.
    perfect for poets rally.
    you know the rule,
    have fun!

  2. Beautiful, I can really feel the love and care put in to this poem, great job!

  3. keren Huyter Says:

    makes me smile 🙂

  4. B.K. Brown Says:

    Very romantic, and adorable feel to it. I enjoy the short and briefness of it. Poetic and to the point, well done.

  5. ashbeezone Says:

    Very beautiful imagination abt. love..
    Take a look on my poetry..

  6. Sumit Sarkar Says:

    Fabulous work…
    Thank you for sharing..
    The last 4 lines i like very much 🙂

  7. You initiated the Night Warmth in your readers very well.
    You have left a lot for imaginations.

  8. shows you dont need length to give feeling and emotion. beautiful poetry!

    Here is my Rally Poem

  9. tasithoughts Says:

    I was moved by your poem so much that I had to catch my breath and relive my memories of love.


  10. Seasweetie Says:

    Very nice – reminds me of what I had..

    My submission for the Thursday Poet’s Rally is here:

  11. booguloo Says:

    Three times the blessings!

  12. Bernadine Says:

    Absolutely positively romantic and beautiful. The essence of love, closeness – sleeping entwined together. Beautiful poem!

  13. Kimberly Says:

    I let out a big sigh on this. So relatable, so….cushy. Like comfortable, familiar love.

  14. Awww so truly romantic. Makes me love appreciate my husbands love even more. Thank you for the reminder.
    Happy Rally!

  15. Sigh. This was how it was last night, this morning, and how it will be tonight. I love this, but it makes me want to stop commenting and just cuddle with my fiancé. 🙂

  16. irenethebean Says:

    nice sentiment:)

  17. A cuddle of a poem. Nice work.

    Here from Rally. Hope you enjoy your visits and visitors.

  18. Lu Ann Says:

    🙂 Sounds lovely!

  19. Chamz Says:

    such a lovely piece made. 🙂

  20. […] Shawn Bird: […]

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