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Mother’s day of anguish May 9, 2010

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Mothers’ Day: another artificial holiday meant to cause disappointment in the population.

Mothers deserve a day, sure, but it is an awful thing to arbitrarily create a day that is bound to cause pain in so much of the population. We already have Christmas for that. Do we really need another day of anguish?

So here’s thinking of those who’ve lost their mothers either to death, disease, or dementia.  Here’s  to those whose memories of mother is one of abuse or neglect.  Here’s also to those who’ve lost their babies, whether before birth, just after, to childhood disease or trauma, or as adults. Here’s to those with empty arms who long to hold a babyof their own. Here’s to those whose living children are lost to them.

To my friends and all of you with hurting hearts this day, I send you all my love.  Today let us celebrate the strength of the human spirit to rise above our pain and sadness and  to carry on day by day striving to find joy and love wherever we can.


One Response to “Mother’s day of anguish”

  1. Vivian Says:

    Your thougths certainly hit home where I am: a man abandoned by his mother at an early age and a daughter who has just lost her daughter. Very thoughtful article.

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