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yes October 9, 2011

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     I’ve given up on talking to him again today when I feel someone brush past me. At the same time. I hear a word so soft and quiet I wonder if he said it up on the hill and the wind has just now carried it down to me.
     The word is yes.

(Allie Conte in Matched. p. 115)

I read this over a couple of times when I came across it, just to savour it.  All the potential and possibility of a lifetime is wrapped up in that word.

Did you hear the story of John Lennon at the Yoko Ono art exhibition?  One piece was a ladder with a single word mounted on the ceiling.  Lennon mounted the ladder to read the word, and when he saw that it said “yes,” it changed his life.  (Eventually, at least).

Yes opens the door to so much.

Yes. I’ll take this course.

Yes. I’ll go out with you.

Yes. I’ll marry you.

Yes. I eat that.

Yes. I will spend the time to write.

Yes. We love your work.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Before any venture we have the opportunity to stick with the status quo, to continue to be what we’ve always been and to do what we’ve always done, or to say yes, and to step off into the unknown.

There is risk in the yes.  There may be criticism.  But so what?  Yes opens doors to greater adventures, more possibilities, new opportunities.

Saying yes, embraces a new future.

Say yes.


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