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pep talk for NaNobots and something yummy November 13, 2012

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If you’re officially signed up for NaNoWriMo you get pep talks in your in-box now and then.  They’re very encouraging.  Occasionally they’re very funny.  Today’s is both, so I thought I’d just send you over to the NaNo website to see what founder Chris Baty has to say.  He’s been through this a few times.  He knows!  lol

Yesterday’s marathon was probably my ‘dark night of the soul’ as I slogged to get back on track.  I’m just setting up to start today’s writing, and I have an inclination to bake some Karjalanpiirakka in between sentences.  Maybe that will send Ben off to Finland or something?  (Wouldn’t that be weird?  I never did know where he went when Grace couldn’t reach him.  Hmm).

If you’ve never been to Finland, you’ve probably never heard of Karjalanpiirakka which are a staple there, and generally the first thing I buy when I get off the plane.  They have them in the airport cafes for a Euro each.  There is a paper thin rye crust filled with assorted things.  Most commonly (most tastily in my opinion) short grain rice cooked in milk.  They’re finicky to make from scratch, but that’s the only option here in Canada.  Traditionally they’re served with chopped boiled egg mixed with butter, but not being very traditional, my favourite way is warm with cinnamon sugar!  Mmmm.

Yeah.  I think I’ll go start baking, and the words can wait.


NaNoWriMo Day 13:   1600ish        (Total for November: 21,681)


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