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poem- push on January 28, 2018

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We labour in monotonous isolation

Words falling onto pages

magic spells

new worlds

It might be good.

It might be worth sharing.

It might just be,

what it needs to be for us

to set our demons free.

Isolation and monotony,

and then someone

you respect


“Such lovely prose!”

or “beautifully wrought characters”

or “Loved it!”

and you think there’s hope

for your imaginary friends

and your imaginary world

and your imaginary dreams.

Labouring becomes inspired

by encouraging analyses.


getting it October 12, 2011

I was impressed with OneMinuteBooks’ review of Grace Awakening for a couple of specific reasons. Of course, I like that she’s enthusiastic in her praise, but specifically, I love that she GETS it.

She understands that since Grace is the narrator, the reader has only as much information as Grace does. (Well, they get a little more, as they get to peek in on those 3rd person mythic realm dialogues that Grace doesn’t know about). Yes. This is confusing. Yes. This was intentional.  Yes.  This means you are Grace, in all her confusion.

I like that the reviewer gets the mythical allusions, and understands the purpose behind not telling the reader straight out. Yes. You’re supposed to be smart enough to be able to look this up yourself (with the help of the glossary at the back).  Yes. I expect that you are smart enough to figure out that there is another story happening, beyond the one that Grace knows about.   Congratulations on discovering the puzzle pieces that Grace doesn’t understand!   Reading between the lines and interpreting the additional clues take skill!  Grace hasn’t figured it out.  I’m glad when readers can!  😀

Once upon a time I was told “Grace Awakening is Twilight for intelligent girls.” I think this is true. Most people will get the surface story, but there is a lot more at play here than is apparent on the surface. It makes me happy when someone not only gets it, but actually appreciates that it’s there.

Followers of Athena, I salute you! This book was written for you!

Thanks Amanda for understanding what Grace is all about.  After a couple of weird reviews this week when I suspected the reviewers hadn’t actually read the book, this gave me faith in the process again.  Not everyone will get it, or like it, but there are more out there who do!

To read the OneMinuteBooks review visit here.


Wow September 4, 2011

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Wow. I am a little stunned here today. I just discovered a website that tracks the iBook chart data and posts Top 100 for various genres. To my joy and astonishment, apparently Grace Awakening “has appeared 55 times” in the Top 100 Fantasy or SciFi/Fantasy in Canada this summer. It reached a high of #34 the week after release.

Wow. Pretty good for a brand new book from a brand new author! I’m looking forward to charting Grace’s adventures as word spreads.

Pretty cool what you can find on the internet.

Oh, yesterday was also a big day because I got a new fan on my Facebook Author Page: a high school student from New York who writes very enthusiastically of the book. I’m thrilled 😀 Word is spreading!  I’m so happy that Grace is off finding new friends in faraway places!

How about you?  Are you a new friend of Grace?  Where do you live?


recommended reading August 7, 2011

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I just came across this excellent website that reviews YA fiction. If you’re looking for something good to read, check it out:


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