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poem- sovereign treochair September 23, 2022

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Such service you have given
Commonwealth family.

Those corgis
Standing as the hearse went by
Gave for love’s sake, happily.

Crowds gather to say farewell
Long service in sovereignty.
A treochair is an Irish poetry form. Triplet stanzas have an A, B, A rhyme scheme and 3, 7, 7 syllable count.


RIP Queen Elizabeth II September 9, 2022

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Royal life’s goals:


Elizabeth R

Wordy 30 poem: six 5-letter words.
(I confess, spelling honor without the ‘u’ in this context hurts a bit).


monarchist goals September 8, 2012

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The longest reigning monarch in British history, and the longest reigning female monarch in the world, was Queen Victoria.  She reigned sixty-three years, seven months and two days.

Queen Elizabeth II assumed the throne upon the death of her father, on February 6, 1952.  She has been celebrating her sixty years on the throne this year, but if she can hold on for 3 years, she can smash the record!  She needs to reign until September 8, 2015 to reach the record, so she’ll pass it on September 9th.  GO Your Majesty, GO!

HRH Queen Elizabeth II at her Coronation, June 2, 1953


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