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Tanka- last message February 13, 2019

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“My battery is low

and it’s getting dark.” Weep

for my silent voice.


roved beyond expectation.



Today, the Mars Rover Opportunity has been declared dead. It was meant to function for 90 days, and instead, worked for 15 years  and sent amazing data about Mars’s hydrography.  It was recently caught in a dust storm that covered its solar panels.  In some future time, will someone clean the dust off this strange relic, and Opportunity will call to NASA again?  Until then, Sleep well, Opportunity.  More info here.


Best acronym ever March 8, 2013

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I’ve just come across the  best acronym ever:

NASA’s  Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office, in charge of private enterprise working in space is known as C3PO!

How did I learn this?  Why, in the official White House response to the petition to build a Death Star, of course!

Truth is stranger than fiction.


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