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poem- named August 3, 2015

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“Herb had to take me to the hospital this morning,” my mom said.  “My blood pressure was all wonky and I had a headache.  I was afraid I was having a stroke.”

Herb.  My father, who died last week.  I caught my breath.

“Stewart took you to the hospital?” I suggested.  My brother.

“Yes,” she confirmed, her tone suggesting I was being obtuse.  “But everything was all right.  They told me I need to get a massage.  I’m just tense, over the events of the last week.”

She didn’t even know she’d said the wrong name.

I didn’t point it out.

“I’m glad everything is okay, Mom,” I said.


A rose by any other name… January 5, 2013

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I’m still thinking about names…

When I was in Junior high I was known as Shawna, because one teacher in elementary couldn’t get it that my name was SHAWN and that ended up on my records.  By the end of high school, I had finally gotten Shawna off all my records.

At our high school reunion this summer, a class mate said, “Your name tag says ‘Shawn.'”

“Yes.”  I agreed.

“This yearbook says Shawn,” he said glancing back to the copy Ralph had brought along.

“Yes.”  I was on the yearbook committee.  I made sure my name was spelled correctly.  I also did the calligraphy on our diplomas, so it’s correct there, as well.

“But we always called you Shawna,” he said, looking down on me with confusion.


“Did we have it WRONG all those years?”  His eyes were wrinkled in dismay.

I laughed and said, “Yes.”

He gave me the most sincere look of mortification and said, “I’m so sorry!”

I laughed and told him it was quite all right.  The kids I hung around with all knew my name.  I wasn’t to concerned about the rest of them, to be honest.

Then I went to Finland, and there they call me either “Soon” (rhymes with ‘phone’) or gave me the Finnish name “Sanna.”  When I introduce myself in Finnish, that’s who I am.  In French I’m “Jeanne.”  In Italian I’m “Gianna.”  My doctor calls me “Shawnee.”   I am all those people, and all those identities.  Each one is essentially the same, but a little bit different.  A different language for communication, a slightly different attitude.

So far, I don’t use a pseudonym with my writing, though I imagine eventually I will.

What is your experience?  Have you been known by different names?  Are you exactly the same, depending upon your name?


Shawn/Sean/Shaun for XX not XY November 6, 2011

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I’ve be told all my life from the ill informed that “Shawn is a boy’s name!”  My mother found the name in the girls’ section of her baby book, and according Wolfram Alpha data, 30,000 females in the US are named Shawn or Shaun.  Sure, ten times that number are male, but so what?  There are  ten times more female Shawns than there are Aurelias and Rosalees for example.  If those are girls’ names, Shawn is ten times moreso…

We may not be great in number, but there is some talent represented. So here are some well-known female Shawns or Seans or Shauns.  If you have any to add, or you’re one yourself, please leave the information as a comment!


Gymnast: Shawn Johnson

bassist: Sean Yseult
Singer: Shawn Christopher

actess: Sean Young
Miss USA, Miss Universe (1980): Shawn Weatherly
Miss Tennessee State University (2010): Shawn Montgomery

Author: Shawn Lamb
Blogger: Shawn Allison
Blogger/columnist & artist: Shawn Dell Joyce
Author: Shawn Lane

Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Author: Shawn MacKenzie


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