Shawn L. Bird

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poem-tynchal (an #Outlander poem) September 16, 2014

“Score one for the pig,” she said,

but a hunter limping, partially gored

not prudent from the perspective

of a boar.

A roar marks the victory:

Geordie’s blood stains the earth

entrails pour onto leaves

at what is the more satisfying score

for the boar.



An Outlander poem, based on TV show ep 104 “The Gathering”


poem- pondering holiness October 16, 2013

Sanctum sanctorum

Holy of holies

Peeled from decorum

Whipping up follies

Shredded and tore them

Fighting for soul ease

Making good for him

Striving to fill peace

Sanctum sanctorum

Wholly ’til holy.



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