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poem- In the world beyond my windows May 1, 2020

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The White Crowned sparrows fill

the yard; they butt striped heads at

the feeders, but they sing for their supper.

The sky is brilliant blue,

clouds hover around the edges of my sight, fringing

the hills.

Mount Ida is still white-capped,

the fire-dead splinters bristle through

the snow line above

a carpet of spruce and fir.  Across

the street someone has left

a painted rock beside

the mailbox; we’ve all earned its

purple heart.

Bursting buds,

New green leaves on spring awakened


The House Finch in

the blue spruce announces his

new family, but warbles his warning,

No visitors allowed!




This is a list poem. Sometimes they are numbered, though this one isn’t, obviously.  🙂  I don’t think I’ve seen one with enjambment like I’ve used here, but hey, it’s my poem. What good is a poetic licence if you don’t take advantage?






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Poem- What I learned July 21, 2014

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What I learned about you:

  • you did not hang the stars
  • you did not shave the moon
  • you did not fuel the sun
  • you make me super nova
  • you make me new each months
  • you make me shine

What I learned about us:

  • we’re celestial
  • we’re changing
  • we’re burning

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