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Poem- Exam Day April 14, 2021

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In the class room

the fan makes the loudest noise

second to the crinkle of paper

turning, shuffling.

Shifting bodies.

deep breaths,

inhaling fortitude,

exhaling a last,

desperate hope.




Day 14 of NaPoWriMo. Not following the prompt, which is about examining one’s name. Patrick Lane has already written the only Bird poem I’d want to write!




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poem-perverse September 23, 2016

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if you write in verse

on the provincial exam personal composition

you receive a zero,

no matter how cogent your argument

or relevant your allegory.

It’s worse that writing drivel, that doesn’t address the question!

How incredibly



poem- Measuring May 10, 2014

Video with my narration is in the previous post, but here’s the written version:



Shawn L. Bird

This is me.

The standardized test says,

“She’s a C.”


But no standardized test

can measure my capacity.


The provincial exam or S A T

does not evaluate my reality.


A test does not see

    my creativity

       my audacity

          my tenacity

             my congeniality

No test can reveal

                  my totality.


They say

a standardized test demands gravity,

but I say,

it is a depravity

to define our youth with such rationality!


This is me.

No standardized test can measure

who I will be.



video poem- Measuring

Here’s a video poem I made for a presentation on issues in standardized testing for my Faculty of Education Master’s class on assessment at University of British Columbia (Okanagan campus) (aka UBC-O).



June haiku June 15, 2012

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Another school year’s

panic and desperation

as exams approach…


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