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poem- not conservative, just not living August 29, 2019

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Outside the change room,

she looked into the mirror.




and classy

in the pale blue duster jacket.

Perfectly suited her colouring.


“I love this,” she sighs.

“I love these on other people.  I just know that I would never wear it.”

I am aghast. “You could wear it to the grocery store!”  She could wear it anywhere.

But no.  She left in an orange dress,  that made her complexion blotchy.

I have no business being sad, that she put away a pale, blue jacket, that suited her,

because of fears I’m imagining for her.

“Do you imagine I’m conservative?” she asks.

“It doesn’t matter what I think,” I shrug.

But she looked damn fantastic in that blue duster jacket.


poem- echoes October 29, 2013

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I bought

an adorable black hat

at Goorin Bros.

Tilted the burgundy brim

to the perfect angle

Grabbed my new

wooly black ruana,

draped it around my shoulders

with a flourish, loving the fall

of the ruffled edges,

the weight, the warmth.

I felt my creativity

shouting through the garb,

felt Bohemian, wild, and artistic.

Then I grinned in the mirror

and saw the echo of my


Salvation Army cape and bonnet.

We never get too far away

from home.



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