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poem- warrior woman September 30, 2018

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stands, raised hand

answer every question

to bring justice to a depraved land.

Warrior stands

warning of the beast eager to devour.

tells how it mauled,

and it whines, growls, evades


The beast does not know it is a beast,

but the warrior knows.

The warrior warns.

As the beast prowls and pretends

to be a kitten, a puppy, an innocent thing.

The warrior knows.

The warriors know.

Are you listening?

Or will you open doors and invite it

to devour you?



poem- butterflies October 31, 2015

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She remembers long ago

when she’d catch his glances like butterflies,

flitting, fleeting, flickering glimpses,

darting from above a smile

of surreptitious wistfulness.

She’d swallow his longing

so the fluttering was within her,

and gaze back,

captivated, until they

trembled together

in the net.


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