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#30Words30Days-6 Solitary April 6, 2023

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A writing challenge on Twitter to write a 30 word story each day in April, following prompts.

Day 6: Solitary

This time, she thinks, she will master it.

She will settle her frantic breaths.

She will climb from the abyss.

She is her own greatest fear.

She must battle herself.


6 Responses to “#30Words30Days-6 Solitary”

  1. Trish Haugen Says:


    In her being, she felt the chaos of the world. It never quit, this cacophony of the multitudes attacked her. Into a sound chamber she curled. Finally, she had solitude.


  2. Its horrible to battle ourselves.

  3. trE Says:

    Whew! That ending line is what pierced me! This is superb!

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