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Poem- Teacher Woe Ottava Rima August 21, 2022

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I’ve been working on a book of high school poetry units this summer. I’ve been adapting lessons I’ve used for years. I had to write a lot of poems as examples for all the poetry forms (since I don’t have permissions to publish other people’s work). I wrote this Ottava Rima, but decided its tone was too negative to include in the book. I wrote a second Ottava Rima using all the same rhymes that is poetry positive, but I thought you might enjoy this one. 🙂

Ottava Rima form requires:

  • 8 lines
  • iambic pentameter
  • rhyme scheme ABABABCC

Teacher Woe
Some get to choose if they should write a poem

While others do not get to have a say

They write when teacher says and so they moan

“I do not want to write a poem today.”

They talk in class, but do not work at home.

The assignment’s ignored so they can play

When poems are handed in, then some will cry,

“I didn’t write. Why-oh-why didn’t I?”


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