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poem- looking April 3, 2019

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Year after year

smiling faces under glass.

So many smiles only a whisper of memory:

oh yes. I remember that one

and that one

and that.

But so many others

slipped out of mind,

phantoms who haunted our rooms.

Are they still hovering ghosts

watching life happening around them

or are they finally



8 Responses to “poem- looking”

  1. Something to ponder. I like this.

  2. Your words have me looking back at some of my former students . . . wondering now what I would see under the glass after all of these years.

    • Do you ever run into students who greet you by name, tell you they were in your class, and you have nothing in your memory? Usually, if there’s not a name, I can at least find the glimmer of location (“Oh! You sat in the back corner by the window, right?”) I am haunted by students who completely vanish from my consciousness. I find an old class list, and not a single name brings a face to mind. Is it just the natural culmination of 25+ years X 200 students a year? That’s 5000 faces. And yet… I feel like they should have left something with me, or at least, I should have taken something of them to hold.

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