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poem-flashes February 8, 2019

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I’ve forgotten your name,

but one glance at the back of a pear-shaped girl

in a tight striped top and jeans,

brought you sailing through the years.

Short, feathered hair.

Acne scars.

Knock-kneed shuffle.

Booming laugh.

Where did I know you?

Whoever you are,

I hope you’re happy today.

I hope your life has been all you dreamed.


8 Responses to “poem-flashes”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Gorgeous piece, pure nostalgia!

  2. johnlmalone Says:

    I love the descriptions: they give the poem authenticity.

  3. Flashes of a past flirtation, lasting now as a dream.

  4. Sometimes when I look at my old U.S. Army photos I wonder where that young woman has gone. The one who had the world at Her feet and millions of untold possibilities. Especially now that I’m turning 60 at the End of this month. From 18 to 60 like a car revving up speed. But every so often that enthusiastic happy go lucky bubbly adventurous 18 Year old peeks out from my tired senior citizen body.

  5. Exposed Loving💙 Says:

    Writing from the perspective of someone you remember from the past makes a great poem.

  6. Jim Stewart Says:

    Nicely captured moment. Universal, I think.

  7. Valerie Dawn Says:

    Love your poem! Thank you for sharing! Blessings Val

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. This is so poignant and sweet.

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