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poem-what has changed September 29, 2018

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Since “me, too!” has spread,

What has changed

is that I see you differently.

I see me differently.

I hear, “She does that stuff; I’m working”

and I’m filled with fury at yet another man

who does not see what work is,

how everything he is able to do

is because his wife carries him on her back.

and I say, enough.

If we are going to be beasts of burden,

let us be more than mules with bits in our mouths.

Let us be more.

Let us be the partner who is heard.

Let the children be his concern as often as they’re ours.

Let the pink jobs and blue jobs become purple jobs

as they swirl in a kaleidoscope of

our jobs.

Our mutual obligations.

I’m glad you do the laundry and clean the kitchen,

because I hate those jobs.

Thank you for agreeing that poetry

and winding words are more important than dusting.

When your words reflect a patriarchy, I will remind you

who I am.

When my words cut, you may wrap your arms around me

and remind me that you have feelings, too.

Let’s stand as role models that being a man does not give

you rights over anyone else,

anyone else,


Listen men, to what she says.

Keep your hands to yourself

(and other pokey bits, too).

If she says no,

Channel your unwanted urges

into art.  Wash them away in

cold showers of reality.

Let your futile frustration seethe

like generations of women seethed.

What has changed, boys?

The very air you breathe.



13 Responses to “poem-what has changed”

  1. I hope that she will be believed. I still remember what happened with Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. Let’s hope that times are changing for the better.

    • If more women move into positions of power, things should change. Female representation in the US is very low from what I’ve seen. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the most progressive nations have significant governance by women.

      • I agree with you Shawn. I can’t watch the hearings or the testimony. Too painful for me. I’ve been down that road with sexual harassment on my job so my heart and prayers go out to the lady. Sadly civil and human rights are going backwards in the USA not forwards.

      • I am impressed with Ford. I’ll be writing a poem for her tomorrow.

  2. I despair at where we are. Thank you for penning these words. xo

  3. Melody J Haislip Says:

    Freaking fantastic poem!!!

  4. Debra Says:

    Awesome! So perfectly said.

  5. spicejac Says:

    Reblogged this on Living Small in a Big World and commented:
    Another excellent poem from Shawn L. Bird….

  6. I love the air I breathe, having grown up in the shadow of a powerful woman, and having grown up even more, in the company of another powerful woman.

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