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poem-espresso June 27, 2018

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I express myself

in languid liquid

tiny cup

great potential

rocket fueled fuming

consuming conflagration

fire eater me

Oh you

sip seductively

out of reach

but teach me

no one needs to see me

for you’re devouring words

making a meal of my brain burst

You don’t see me

but you feel me,

say the tears dripping down your cheeks.

I wield a mighty weapon,



5 Responses to “poem-espresso”

  1. RubyCardinal Says:

    Loved it ❤️ Please check out my blog at Like/follow please 😃 Thank you

  2. naturemithya Says:

    I was wondering why tears if you are reading a poem just like you sip coffee……. suddenly a flash…..HOT…..poem or the coffee…..,both!

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