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poem- headphone man May 16, 2018

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Hey, headphone man

with your head cast down,

I drive past you each day as you soldier on your way,

Always in the same place, unless you are late,

or I am early.

I try to catch your eye, but you march with determination

toward your destination.

I want to share our small connection, give a wave, or smile,

but you just stare at the ground, absorbed in the sound in your head.

Hey headphone man!

Look around!



I’ve been working on this one for ages, as I do pass this guy every day on my way to work.


14 Responses to “poem- headphone man”

  1. Moon Pryderi Says:

    reminds me of this song

  2. I do the same thing when I get on the subway. My music prepares me for rough days at work. Also I have no desire to connect with anyone during my commute unless I know them.
    Plus there are way too many mentally ill and perverts so women must keep their guard up. Too many guys think a smile or a Hello is an invitation for sex. I keep my distance from people and and my game face on.

    • It definitely makes sense in the city, but we’re a small place, and it’s usual to make eye contact and nod as you pass people. I’m driving a green VW Bug adorned with butterflies and flowers. It’s a car that makes people smile when I go by. He never sees. I feel sad for him!

      • Yes. The small town connection. Years ago when I was visiting my Mom’s hometown Dayton, Ohio people were very friendly and all spoke. I suppose that the walkman guy might be going through something and he feels the need to disconnect from humans.

  3. Could be he has autism? It one way of coping – filtering out some of the overload to the senses. Would also explain avoiding eye contact. You never know.

  4. spicejac Says:

    Reblogged this on Living Small in a Big World and commented:
    I walk everywhere or if I can’t I catch public transport. This poem to me symbolises my attempts at connecting with those around me, the self absorbed ones who I try and greet or even just smile at. Great poem!

  5. simonfalk28 Says:

    Sadly, there are many like him in our cities of the world.

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