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poem- rebellious April 20, 2018

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It’s 4 20 on Poetry Friday.

Half my class is missing.

Are they taking the day off to celebrate

with a joint?

The rest of us are celebrating poetry,

writing to prompts, savouring

chocolate caramel cupcakes

and cheesecake brownies

(not THOSE kind of brownies).

We’re clean living poets,

saving rebellion

for after school.


#Napowrimo prompt today was “Rebellion”


6 Responses to “poem- rebellious”

  1. Cheech and Chong meets Ferris Buellers Day off!

  2. colonialist Says:

    In good old days six of the best
    Would waken up poetic zest!

  3. Britta Says:

    This is so funny! I love it.

  4. haha, I had never heard of 4.20 before. HOW COULD I BE MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH!

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