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poem-present February 18, 2018

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A present for her

that’s really for him.

A present for him

that’s really for her.

Who needs a gift, really?

Presence is enough.


14 Responses to “poem-present”

  1. R. Jane Bowen Says:

    I know what you mean and totally agree, just the actual wanting to and being together is more than enough. Blessings

  2. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    Gifts are hard, especially when you’ve been together a long time. They should be easier because by this point you should know what your partner wants. But they aren’t I agree, presence is what really matters.

    • This year, my husband gave me tickets to a trumpet concert in a nearby town (he plays trumpet, and grinned delightedly through the whole thing, so it was fun to watch him) and a dinner out. I got him a couple of litres of premium Maple Walnut ice cream. He’s too cheap to buy the good stuff, and I’m allergic to nuts, so I am assured not to be stealing any. 🙂 He was happy. I was happy for an outing, and thankful the snowy roads had been plowed and sanded so the outing went well.

      These aren’t typical romantic gifts, but after 30+ years, it’s just gestures. 🙂

  3. Looks like a balance!

  4. Srishti Says:

    A beautiful poem!! Reminded me a lot about the story, ‘The Gift of the Magi’! Cheers. x

  5. syl65 Says:

    Just being together…

  6. MyRockOpera Says:

    We pretty much like the same “gift” birthdays, Christmas, holidays… Why? Bc we are organic, human, natural and MASCULINE and we express ourselves to woman in those ways. What you think may be a gift to us is actually a gift we want to share deeply and compassionately w/ our woman in their femininity. We love to make our woman soar and sing with the waves crashing on the shore and the wind sweeping through the pines…

  7. Perfect. Presence, Gifting ones time is the most valuable present that one could ask for. Yet not everybody understands that you can’t buy everything with money.

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