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poem- ukulele beats February 13, 2018

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So… this is a (parody) Beatnik style spoken word piece.  In place of the bongos (or in addition to them) you have to insert an ukulele riff between the lines.  I ‘wrote’ this while a student was walking through the halls past my class room, wailing away–heavy metal style–on his ukulele…  (We don’t ask why he was soooooo far from the band room. Obviously it was so he could inspire poetry!)

PS. Call it an oo-koo-lay-lay, please, NOT a you-kah-lay-lee.



The ukuleles are out walkin’

(insert riff)

Rockin’ to the beat

(power chord)

Tropical heat

(power chord)

Seat of pants stalkin’


Ukulele tuneful wailin’

to the whales


Ukulele layin’ on the vibe

Make us come alive.

(power chord)

It’s a gas, man.

Ukulele laughin’ gas, man

(longer riff)

Listen to what I say,

Take the ukulele way

of peace,


(power chord).




Groovy, dude.





6 Responses to “poem- ukulele beats”

  1. Jim Stewart Says:

    Had me tappin’ my foot…

  2. It will be interesting to hear you play.

  3. erbiage Says:

    perhaps you should take it up. a fun, jaunty piece. especially like the cuckoo uku (lele)

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