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poem-middle February 12, 2018

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You were middle aged

when we were twenty-seven,

but we didn’t know.

I feel like I am just beginning,

but you have ended.

I can not get my head around

this unexpected cutting

of a thread that should still be winding

through our tapestry.


13 Responses to “poem-middle”

  1. sorry for your loss 😦

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    …and so it goes. Reminders of mortality, although not always welcome, are also part of that tapestry.

  3. Old souls need cuddling, it is said. I would not know, being still a 25-year-old heart in a 67-year-old frame.

  4. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    Strange how we put our own interpretations on other people’s poems. To me, your poem was about the loss of a relationship and not death, until of course, I read the tags. My interpretation reflects where I am in my life and not the death of your friend.

    Sorry for your loss.

    Amy Jo

  5. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    This is my response to your poem.


    We were
    Young moms together

    My daughter in a bright sled,
    Sliding across Wascana lake
    Red on white

    Your son in a sturdy navy stroller
    Cutting through the snow.
    Blue on white

    Laughter in the cold sunshine

    Later sipping hot chocolate and reading to the kids
    As they settled for a nap.

    We never prepared for this day.

    Your rosy cheeks are gone
    Laughing voice but a whisper
    Holding on
    Wanting to see your daughter graduate

    There is never enough time.
    Your flame blown out and all that is left is
    Grey on white

  6. Very moving very deep,rip and you opened up and it wasn’t easy, respect to you

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