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poem-earnest November 28, 2017

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She’s earnest

in all the best ways.

Plasters on that quivering smile

faces the crowd

does her best,

but her best

is not good enough.

Earnestness is not enough.

But I tried!

is not enough.

She needs to be committed

to earnest effort

toward excellence,

maybe for years,

and maybe even then

her earnest desire will not

be enough.

Desire must lead to skill

mingle with effort

sprinkle with luck

and maybe then

earnest will be



6 Responses to “poem-earnest”

  1. wonkywizard Says:

    A haiku/senryu to comment::

    push to the limit
    perfection always fall short
    good luck if don’t crack

  2. chris jensen Says:

    Throughout every line, turn the ticking time, one eye blind, don’t you just mind, move slowly an all will be fine…

    Hello, Mrs. Bird…

  3. tolbert Says:

    great line! “Plasters on that quivering smile”

  4. commonpoem Says:

    Earnestness is such an underrated trait. Thanks for your poem.

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