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poem-the wave September 16, 2017

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I’m waffle making

and suddenly

the loss of you

is palpable.

Did I ever make you waffles?

Still, your absence at this moment

overwhelms me,

and I fill the emptiness

with tears.


5 Responses to “poem-the wave”

  1. This brought back memories of Dad, me and my brother doing the 7th Inning stretch at a Mets baseball game in Shea Stadium. Everyone at the game did the “Wave” where we got up and waved our both arms up in the air in a motion that looked like an ocean wave. Bittersweet memories. Shea Stadium was torn down and replaced by a fancy new expensive one.

    Even though my Dad passed away May 1995 it still hurts and I still cry. Our Mom died August 1998. My brother and I miss both our parents.

  2. The waves crash, and ebb, year after year.

  3. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    It’s strange to me that memories of loss are beautiful.

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