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poem- I want to know June 6, 2017

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What I want to know

is what the magical ingredient is.

What’s that essential something

that makes this kid go “WOW!”?

Not just this kid, but that kid, too.

You know how some will not be moved,

never seem to find their groove?

I want the magical ingredient for them all,

so when they’re pushed from their nests

they don’t fall, they aim for the skies with eyes

open to opportunity, head full of curiosity.

Every time I think I know the secret

I see another one sneaking by,

not willing to try or


to try?

What’s broken their curiosity?

Taught them to close out possibility?

It hurts me.

I want to know if that kid

is going to move to his groove later.

Will he save his curiosity to ride a wave

at twenty instead?

I want to see it now,

but late is better than never.

I hope when it happens,

I’ll know.




5 Responses to “poem- I want to know”

  1. Oliana Says:

    What an amazing teacher you must be!! I have 2 teachers in primary school and 2 in high school that made a difference in my life…we don’t always let them know but if they only knew how happy I am in my career and that I persevered “later” than most by returning to university at 35 but I did it because they always believed in me.

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    The ages old conundrum…

  3. Simon Says:

    I know what you mean here… I have one like this and its heart breaking

  4. I have heard from a few, over the years. It’s a astonishing thing to hear from anyone who has long since gone his or her own way.

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