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poem-stranded May 8, 2017

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I wanted to go.

I raced out the door.

It’s been a horrible week but it’s over

and I’m coming home to you at last!

Then the signs.

Prepare to stop.


We waited





until the flagger said,

“No one is getting through tonight.”

Highways in all directions sealed

like a disaster movie.

Creeks washed out.

Head-on collision.



The truckers lined up for miles.

I’m tucked up in a hotel with a good book,

safe and dry,

but I’d rather be home

with you.




True story.  But it could have been worse!  On one side of the slide was the bride; the groom and family were sharing a hotel with me.  A story for their grandkids!  My commute is usually 22 minutes, but it was 22 hours this time.


3 Responses to “poem-stranded”

  1. magarisa Says:

    22 hours?? What an ordeal!

  2. What a mix of emotions that must have brought! Being away from the most wonderful soul you’ve ever known, whilst in the company of a young couple who must have served as a mirror image of the two of you, had to have been a stranding for the ages.

  3. sandymancan Says:

    Yes life little intermission can sometime lead to changing impressions, that being good or bad well that’s up to interpretations.

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